Advertising Dev-Conference For An International IT-company

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The company is under NDA, so we can declare only some figures without mentioning the company’s name.


A series of campaigns targeted at definite technologies. The IT company organized a conference for developers and wanted to sell a part of tickets by PPC.


90 registered participants

894 clicks

0,30 USD per click

3,6 USD
customer acquisition cost

106 164 impressions

330 USD
campaign budget

30 USD
average order value
per 1 customer

2700 USD

818% ROAS

The anatomy of the campaign

Element 1.


To acquire registrations for the upcoming corporate development conference to engage developers of target technologies and tell them about the company in terms of HR purposes.

Element 2.


Adjusted by special technologies, radius location, age, interests, occupied job positions. 

Element 3.

Promoted Formats

1 — Facebook event with the opportunity to tick «I am going to the event»;
2 — Landing page with the registration form.

Two campaigns brought fast results. Just for 7 days we got a necessary number of participants to cover rest places on our conference.

Event manager

International IT-company

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