Cargo-Cards: SEO-audit, website optimization and keyword research


Client's profile:

CARGO-CARDS is an international shipping portal, useful for both shippers and operators involved in the delivery and handling of goods. The website provides b2b information and services, a list of transport companies, companies’ news and news of the world of transport.


SEO audit

  1. Eliciting critical issues of the website
  2. Making a list of recommendations on what to improve for better ranking.
  3. Determining relevant  pages for SEO and gathering search queries for their promotion.
  4. Optimizing website pages for a variety of key words within the industry and language versions.


  • Determining the pages for the PPC promotion.
  • Gathering search queries, negotiating them with the client.
  • Clustering keywords groups for further adverts.
  •  Writing texts for ads.
  • Launching the campaign in Google Search. 

The main issues we resolved

Hreflang setting


Setting of hreflang tags is necessary to display the site in Google search results only for the specific regions or language. We write correct hreflang tags with alternative links to similar language pages, x-default pages for showing the universal language version in case if the hreflang is undefined.


We write correct canonical pages to eliminate fully or partially duplicate pages, especially in the directory.  

Canonical links

Broken links


We found out many broken links on the Cargo-cards pages and fixed HTTP-written links. Some of the changes required further redirects 301. 


We wrote texts for Title and Description meta tags, taking into consideration the variety of languages to which the website is positioning.

Writing texts
for pages



We fixed many meaningful issues on the website. As a result, the health score grew. 

Before SEO

After SEO

The health score of the website impacted on the common traffic. You can see the monthly growth of users that reached 58,000.

Rich snippets in search results

Google can define most popular and informative pages and form rich snippets by adding extra URLs to the searched page. This happens due to micro formats and meta tags on pages. 

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