Freelance digital marketing strategist with full stack services

in Dubai

My name is Margaret. I have been involved in integrated marketing for 14 years, for 5 years I have been working as the Chief Marketing Officer in IT companies promoted to English-speaking markets.
Now I live in Dubai and take orders to develop a digital marketing strategy and implement any digital services as a freelancer.

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My directions within the Freelance License

Market Analyst
& Strategist

I do market analysis and research, business audit. With this I build the digital strategy.

Marketing Specialist

I do full-stack digital marketing services as PPC, SMM, SEO, SEM, Analytics customization and dashboard visualisation.

Web Designer

I create websites on Word Press, Tilda and design mockups of future websites in Photoshop, Figma. 

What I do as Market Analyst

Express Go-to-Market Analysis

Business audit. This stage includes all the elements of market research and business analysis described in the express strategy.

Marketing Strategy Development

I build an efficient omnichannel digital funnel collecting customers for your business by touch points on their journey map. Read more about this type of service here.

Financial Analysis

By understanding the meaning of the imperative marketing KPIs business will understand its bottle necks and weaknesses to compensate and grow further. That is why so important to do it for any business.

RFM Analysis

Analyzing the existing customer base by the LTV cycle, identifying the most profitable cohorts of customers, formulating retention and reactivation strategies for each of them.

Competitor SWOT Analysis

Research of 5-10 strong competitors, studying their advantages and disadvantages, what channels they use to attract customers, a rough estimate of their budgets for advertising and marketing, SWOT analysis for each.

Target Audience Segmentation

Having studied all segments of your audience, I build for each segment the path by which the business will attract it, I describe the main aspects of targeting each segment.

What I do as Marketing Specialist

PPC Strategy & Setting Ads

I develop an advertising strategy via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, setting up ads and visualising their creative concept to launch.

SMM Strategy & Advertising

I explore possibilities of existing social media platforms to promote your business, develop a strategy, create a content pitches matrix and advertise you page to boost followers and push them for target actions.

SEM Strategy & SEO

Collection of a semantic core for site optimization, description of the keyword strategy, website audit, SEO analysis of 5 top competitors. 

Web Analytics Setting

If you want to set up analytics tool to keep track of the marketing results, then I can do it according to your product/services funnel and events needed to track.

Google Data Studio Customization and Visualization

I build a very comprehensive and smart charts giving you the necessary information about how your business is going on.

Financial Analysis

By understanding the meaning of the imperative marketing KPIs business will understand its bottle necks and weaknesses to compensate and grow further. That is why so important to do it for any business.

Email Marketing Strategy & Customization

I can develop a strategy to warm up your client by emails and set up all the funnel via special services as SendGrid, SendPulse, SendinBlue, MailChimp.

Chatbot Development

If you want to hold  your clients warm and interact with them by automated messages, then chatbot development is for you. I create chatbots in such services as Aimylogic  and ManyChat.

PR Strategy and Media Reach

If you want to find media to reach your audience and promote your products, I will find proper ones for you and get in touch with them to arrange the publishment.

What I do as Web Designer

Marketing prototyping of the future website

I think through the whole user interface to ensure the perfect user experience able to convert visitors to leads. Marketing prototyping helps to provide the best conversion oriented practice.

Business structure per webpage

I consider the main branches, services of your business to understand how many pages there are and which pages should we plan. 

Website Design Concept

I draw your future website pages in Photoshop or Figma. Then I create project documentation to implement this design where I depict all design element and its behavior for future development from your side. 

Word Press Website Development

I can customize a website on Word Press by creating fully new templates of the pages.

Website Development on Tilda

If you need a simple website or just a landing page, I can design it on Tilda very fast. 

Website Optimization

After the website development, I set up the basic SEO to ensure that the website meets all the requirements of Google to be crawled.


Market analysis & Strategy

Cross-channel digital marketing strategy for SaaS

I have developed a strategy for promoting the SaaS  business to the global market. I started by analyzing the business figures — AOV, ROI, CAC, ARPPU, ARPU and others, made a financial analysis and conclusions, which indicators indicate the bottlenecks of the business that will require further elaboration. After that, I analyzed competitors, segmented the target audience and developed a media plan to attract each segment of the target audience for each channel — PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, emails.

Main stages




Competitor SWOT Analysis


Target Audience Segmentation

Strategy & SEO





Touch Points & Marketing Funnel