Google Search Advertising

Every day, people make about 3.5 billion queries on Google Search. All over the world, people seek information, shop online, compare prices, plan routes or just explore something new.



What Do Google Search Ads Include?

As part of the Google Search Network, your ad may appear not only on Google Search but also on Google Maps (including the mobile app), or even on non-Google search partner sites. You can also add the Google Display Network, which allows your ad to reach Google partner sites.



1 %
searches made on desktops are done via Google
1 %
product searches start on Google
1 %
“near me” searches done via desktop and tablets result in store visits
1 %
“near me” Google searches done via mobile result in a store visit

Our Workflow To Provide The Service

Business Analysis

This is a thorough study of your business value (service advantages, product mission). We offer you to answer a few of questions about your business and conduct the final interview to clarify some points.

KeyWord Strategy

We make research of all relevant keywords according to your business field, split them into key groups that will fit future ad groups. One group can contain about 5-10 keywords on average. There are one and more keyword groups in the campaign. The number of such groups impact on the total price.

Unique Selling Proposition

The aforementioned business analysis and keyword research help us to understand how to form a unique selling proposition to precisely cover  demands of your customers.

Snippet Content

After the client determines the number of keyword groups within the negotiated budget, we create a task with chosen keywords for writing titles and descriptions.

Ads Campaign Setting

We set a campaign for your business goal in the Google Advertising tool (former Google AdWords) and integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for tracking results. You can set campaign for a definite period of time or within the budget for faster clicking.


We share an access to your campaign account where you can monitor all results in real time, while the campaign is being shown.

Set your ads in Google Search