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Client's profile:

RARA AVIS GROUP is a manufacturer of wedding dresses, located in Belarus and having 220 dealer’s shops with its collections in 24 countries: France, Italy, the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Czech, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, Morocco, Qatar, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia.



  • Moving to a new domain by transferring the trust index of the old domain.
  • Gathering search queries for promotion in the USA and Europe (the English language). Semantics
  • Optimizing website pages for a variety of key words within the industry.
  • Creating new pages with an elaborated commercial proposal.



The customer created a new site on a completely new domain. Prior to this, the customer had 3 other domains where the wedding collections were fragmented — the new site united all the collections in one place. Our task was to use the already accumulated link mass of the previous domains and configure redirection to new alternative pages in order to transfer the linking mass of the previous 3 domains to the new one. All 301 redirects were listed in the Google spreadsheet which was given to the company’s in-house programmer.

Domain authority migration

Semantics builds further ways to customers


Then we compiled a deep database of search queries and worked out the semantic core for the site. We clustered queries into groups, which allowed us:

  • to determine which keys are better for the offer to dealers (we worked out a landing page on the site and wrote an SEO-adapted text with a commercial proposal);
  • to determine what types of wedding dresses are most popular in the regions of the USA and Europe (this allows the client to adapt to the market by offering models that correspond to demand);
  • to define groups of key words that are best suited for advertising campaigns (PPC);
  • to identify queries relevant for further blogging (which queries are better for writing articles).


We have prepared optimized texts in Title and Description meta tags for each collection and each model of the wedding dresses.

Writing texts
for pages

Commercial proposal to dealers


We carefully studied all the advantages of Rara Avis Group over other manufacturers of wedding dresses on US and EU markets and composed a yummy text to convince a potential dealer to order a wholesale supply of dresses.



Fast Domain Rating growth

The domain is still growing. However, the website reached 25 DR for 3-4 months from scratch, being a completely newly-registered domain without any history.


US and EU focused traffic

As the table shows, the biggest share of traffic comes from the USA (18,5%) and spread between European countries (33,2%). 

Rich snippets in search results

Google can define most popular and informative pages and form rich snippets by adding extra URLs to the searched page. This happens due to micro formats and meta tags on pages. 


A short video about the client's products

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