SEM-strategy. Link building

SEM is encrypted as Search Engine Marketing, which means several initiatives to make the site visible in search engine results. As opposed to SEO, SEM is aimed at promoting the site to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), competing with many other sites by definite queries. Since the new BERT algorithm was launched by Google in 2019, some ranking factors were revised. However, the linking mass and thoroughly-elaborated semantic core with topical keywords are still imperative.


Why You need Search Engine Marketing

1 %
the websites ranking in the top results of Google have at least one external link
1 %
all online activities start with a search engine
1 %
all website traffic comes from organic searches
1 %
SEO-generated leads are converted into sales

Get to know the Health Score and Domain Authority of your website
to understand if you need the SEM-strategy


1. LSI-semantic core

LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the way of building the queries map with related topical keywords (synonymous) and near-semantic phrases. The methodology helps to form the relevant keyword structure according to the aforementioned new Google algorithm. 

  • Elaborating the LSI-semantic core for main pages (services, products pages, info pages).
  • Creating extra topical queries that can be used for attracting traffic to the blog.
  • Creating LSI anchor-links (text which we tick as hyperlinks on the site)
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2. Link building

We search trusted sites-donors for pasting backlinks within the client’s business area, define the budget and negotiate the link and article placement with chosen media.

  • Forming LSI anchor-backlinks within the link building strategy.
  • Gathering websites for placing articles with backlinks.
  • Negotiations with media about backlinks placement.



media websites of tech, retail and general topics in our base

1 + DR

Domain Rating of websites from our base for link building

1 $

price for publishing an article/link on the website from our base


What we do within SEM

Competitive analysis

First 10 competitive websites from SERP

Exploring Domain Ranking, quality of linking mass, main keywords they are ranked, merits and demerits, steps which we should do to overtake them.

Semantic core

Defining main keyword for website pages 

Gathering relevant keywords, clasterising them by groups, eliciting main keywords for service/product pages, category pages which consist the main semantic core of the site. Creating groups of related keywords.

Blog keywords strategy

Defining keywords for the website’s blog content 

Gathering additional keywords which could attract traffic to the blog of the site. Creating a map of anchors for linking on website pages.

Off-page strategy

Defining anchor keywords as backlinks for publishing 

Creating a map of anchor keywords to paste them on the chosen media websites in the way to write an article or just to publish the backlink naturally in the existing content.

Link building map

About 30-50 media websites as donors of backlinks

We gather donors with good ranking parameters: Domain Ranking, quality of linking mass, white websites without bans. All donors are related to your topic. 


Direct connections with media all over the globe

We get in touch with media chosen in the link building map and negotiate the conditions for just pasting a backlink or writing an article with the backlink.

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