SEO audit

Having a website does not guarantee business visibility for potential customers. When creating a site, you need to clearly understand its purpose. If you do not follow the SEO recommendations, the site will not be visible on the search engine results page (SERP), and the business can get customers only through a direct link, which significantly limits its potential audience. To prevent this from happening, it is very important to adapt your website to SEO. The further Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires a preliminary site audit, which can be divided into several stages. After that SEO specialist creates the list of issues and recommendations which are implemented within the optimisation stage.


Search Engine Optimization Audit


Stage 1.

Usability Analysis

The location of the elements of the site is not only a beautiful design. SEO robots, before assigning a PageRank quality score to a page, analyze the behavior of visitors: scrolling the page to the end, interaction with design elements (clickability), page viewing time and bounce rate (when the page is quickly closed).


Stage 2.

Technical Analysis

For successful website promotion, all technical specifications must be followed. We are talking about correctly compiled robots.txt and sitemap files, prescribed meta tags in the right amount, no broken or cyclic links, correctly configured redirects, and if the site has several language versions with page duplicates, about correctly configured hreflang tags. Identification of technical errors on the site is carried out using specialized programs, with the help of which the SEO specialist collects all the data and on their basis prepares a list of critical changes on the site and recommendations.

Stage 3.

Content Analysis

Text is an essential tool in SEO, so adapting it is crucial. As part of the content analysis, we conduct:
— text uniqueness audit;
— header structures h1-h6;
— the quality of the title and description meta tags.

Stage 4.

Website Rank Analysis

If the site has existed and promoted for some time, it has acquired its history and a certain level of ranking. Using specialized software, we define:
— site Domain Rating index;
the diversity and quality of its reference mass;
— positions in the search results for thematic key queries;
— keywords in the text of the pages of the site;
— internal linking on the site.

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What you get

  • whether your site needs SEO optimization;
  • the direction and the main problems that will need to be solved for SEO;
  • a general list of critical errors which must be fixed;
  • the technical health of your site;
  • quality of backlinks.

As a result, you will receive a report on the health status of your site and what needs to be fixed (without a detailed description of the tasks to a programmer).

Technologies and Result

Screaming Frog SEO tool
Page Speed Insights

After providing the SEO audit service, we get a comprehensive picture on what needs to be corrected on the site and undertaken in order to improve its position in the search results. All elicited issues are listed in the table which is created as a detailed task list to a programmer.

Having studied this data, you can proceed directly to the SEO-optimization of your website.

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