Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram have already become the leading social media platforms that are attractive for small, medium and large businesses. These media give a batch of promotion tools and allow them to introduce content in the way most relevant to the particular target audience, so that many branded manufacturers, tech companies, service providers, retailers use Facebook and Instagram as an extra basis for presenting commercial proposals and building new marketing funnels.



Facebook Stories

Stories look like a big full-screen photo or video banners of the 9:16 size. They are shown while a user is looking through friends’ stories and have a limited time-duration — 20 seconds in length. 

Messenger Stories

Stories in Messenger are not so popular as Instagram’s or Facebook’s ones, however, the opportunity is and your ad will be shown while users are watching stories from their contacts.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories reached a name of the second-rate feed for the social media. Users watch stories as equally as feed. Among such flow your ad-story can be shown within 15 seconds. The size is 9:16.

Instagram Feed

Sponsored ads are shown in the general feed between other posts and look like naturally. Thereby, the ad isn’t percepted obtrusive. Possible sizes are 4:5 and 1:1.

Facebook News Feed

As well as in Instagram, ads in Facebook news feed reminds natural posts. From the first eye it is difficult to distinguish them from ordinary feed. The only difference is that the ads are shown to the audience targeted in ads settings. Allowed formats are 4:5 and 1:1.

Mobile Apps

Ads on the Audience Network are shown in third-party mobile apps and mobile websites in the format of native ads and banners. The ad image may show up differently in other apps and websites.

Facebook Search Results

Your ad can be shown as a small block between search results.

Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is a special place for developers who can improve your Facebook page by integrating new apps.

Messenger Inbox

The ad is shown in the list of charts in Messenger and can be rolled out by click.

Facebook Right Sidebar (PC)

On the PC version, Facebook interface has a right sidebar where there is a place for your ad. 


Why Advertise On Facebook

1 bln
monthly active users
1 min
Facebook users spend per day
1 mln
people use Facebook Stories daily
1 ads
an average Facebook user clicks on monthly
1 %
Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile

Why Advertise On Instagram

1 bln
monthly active Instagram users
1 %
brands use Video in Instagram stories for better retention
1 mln
people use Instagram Stories every day
1 %
Instagrammers follow at least one business
1 min
Instagram users will spend an average per day on the platform by 2020
1 %
people have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories
1 %
users now look up a brand on Instagram
1 mln
Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily
1 mln
Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month
1 %
users discover new products through Instagram
1 %
businesses use Instagram Stories for product promotion

What We Do

Business Analysis

Before making the first steps for advertising, we thoroughly study the advantages and disadvantages of your business, define your target audience and split it into several client avatars. A similar study helps us to prepare a more targeting commercial proposal, which reduces the bounce rate and increases the conversion of the ad in general. 

Unique Selling Proposition

After we know your target audience well, we can form a better unique selling proposition for each type of your client avatars. Here, we elaborate the strategy for promoting your products/services within the chosen types. We suggest the advertising idea and elaborate the concept.

Image Preparation

Our designer draws necessary graphics or adapts the photos given by you for ads. You get a visual concept of your future advertising campaign across different formats and placements chosen.

Ads Setting & Reports

The PPC specialist sets your ads in Facebook Business Ads Manager. You can see the ongoing results of your ads in Facebook Business as well, by going there through your Facebook managing account. Ads in Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and mobile apps are set and managed in the Facebook Business tool.



Enhancing a number
of followers for stylist’s Instagram business

VICTORIA SUVOROVA is a professional stylist-imagemaker who wanted to start her business in Instagram. Therefore Victoria needed to acquire the target audience, first subscribers with whom she could work further.

Advertising Conference For Developers by International IT-company

The client organized a conference for developers and wanted to sell a part of tickets by PPC.

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2-7 days

Preparation time regarding of the media files availability

from $35

Payment for setting a campaign (we also made all necessary graphics for the chosen formats)

15% of budget

Monthly payment for a campaign support


Recommended minimum monthly budget for a campaign to get more tangible results

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for any industry or purpose


The Most Active Industries
On Instagram Stories

Fitness 73%
Fashion 70%
Retail 56%
Technology 43%
Airlines 39%
Automotive 29%
Travel 24%
Food 15%
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