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To help small and medium business to step in the digital era, we act as a WordPress website development company. The WordPress CMS is a perfect base for corporate websites, personal blogs and infobiz.


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Website development using WordPress

Today, WordPress CMS is the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed entrepreneurs, bloggers, personalities and information sites. The platform has the main advantages over many others and has already established itself as a long-standing practice. Below is more about why it is chosen.



Website development for stylist-imagemaker

Custom branded WordPress website development with Facebook Messenger as a lead generating form.

Media website development on WordPress

How we developed the website for media basing on WordPress template.

Custom branded
website development
for company

Look how we developed the website for our marketing agency.

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Why does small business
choose a WordPress website?

Free-of-charge platform

WordPress gained wide popularity for its accessibility. Many existing CMS are offered for money. As a comparison, the starting price for using the Magento platform for medium and large e-commerce businesses is $24,000 per year. No payment makes WordPress an ideal platform for creating a website for a business.

Fast development

If a business proposal fits on one or several pages, does not require a thorough study of the structure, and the goal is to place ready-made content on any structure as quickly as possible, then the website can be launched on any of the ready-made themes just in a week.

Open source code

WordPress is an open source platform. This means that the web product can be changed and modified, with no limitations of the basic functionality. Even if a quick launch of the website was made in 1 week, it can be further improved as you like, and there are simply no restrictions.

Intuitive user-friendly interface

The WordPress content management system is easy-to-use inside. It can be used by a person without programming knowledge. Actually, for these purposes, CMS was elaborated — so that the business owner would effortlessly be able to change something inside the website, add new content, create new pages.

Huge base of plugins and themes

A large number of specialists in the WordPress community provides an opportunity not only to find support when necessary, but also served as an impetus for creating a huge base of themes, plugins and extensions of the initial functionality. This provides the customer with an excellent additional toolkit to the implementation of the planned solution.


The ability to add meta tags (title, h1-h6) for each page and also alt texts and headers for images are provided by the basic functionality. Plugins helps to implement full SEO optimization: for example, fix robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, prescribe meta tag Description, close or open pages from indexing. Nevertheless, nothing needs to be written in the code manually — everything is automated.

Responsive design

The ability to display the site in a user-friendly way not only on the desktop, but also on tablets and mobile devices by default. No additional settings need to be done.

Easy integration

WordPress CMS is a fairly popular product, so it is compatible with almost any other system: a vast majority of CRM-systems, mailing services, social networks, analytics systems are integrated with WordPress just in a couple of steps.



1 %
of websites all other the world are built on WordPress
1 %
market share among all the CMS platforms
1 +
websites are developed on WordPress daily
1 mln+
downloads of WordPress CMS in total

WordPress website development

Client's ToR

The client creates a detailed ToR (Terms of Reference document) and clarifies the structure of the site, the necessary functionality — we implement it. However, in this cafe we would not go into detail of the business and do everything just according to the client’s requests.

Cons: the client’s vision of the strategy may be incorrect, in this case the site is usually created for the sake of having a site, but not as a lead generating tool. The client might wander, stuffing bumps on dead-end solutions.

Pros: fast and inexpensive, web designers just do the scope of work according to your detailed request.

Our Business Analysis

We carefully study the client’s business, conduct a competitive analysis, form a unique selling proposition for the client’s business, which differs from the competitors, draw up the technical task on our side, and develop a strategy.

Cons: it’s more correct, of course, to go through all the stages from a marketing strategy to implementation and tangible leads, but this way requires that the client understands financial investments.

Pros: a complete picture of the business with the right promotion plan drawn up by professionals who understand where to go and make up a detailed step-by-step route for lead generation, set up sales funnels and analyse tracked data at each stage of the funnel.

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wordpress website development cost

Landing Page

One page website with anchor navigation.

The goal is to make a promo page, presentation of the product, service, training.

from 300 USD

Corporate Website

A website for a company of around 6 main pages.

The goal is to make a presentation of a company’s services.

from 450 USD

Catalog Website

A branding website with several categories and product pages.

The goal is to show the online assortment to book a desired item, without checkout stage.

from 800 USD

eCommerce Website

An online store selling goods; in contrast to catalog website, it has a checkout stage and transaction process.

The goal is to deploy a basic store where the firm could sell its products.

from 1300 USD

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